10 Successful Business-women From Bolivia Female Improvement

Successful Business: The participation of women is a fundamental element to promote equality, freedom and justice in society. For this reason, more and more we find stories of successful business-women from Bolivia who hold high-ranking positions in corporations or who have decided to undertake their own projects to impact the industry. 

Without a doubt, the power to overcome barriers by increasing their studies and knowledge is what has allowed Bolivian women today to have access to job opportunities within companies positioned in the market. In this way, female leadership is related to progress, decision making and quality of life. In this article, we tell you about gender influence with the stories of women leaders in Bolivia. 

10 successful business-women from Bolivia

History of successful businesswomen from Bolivia

Which women leaders stand out in Bolivia? What is the profile of the Bolivian woman? Equality and female empowerment are the key element for Bolivian women to eliminate discrimination in job positions or professional careers.  In this sense, whether you decide to undertake or develop ideas in consolidated companies in the national and international territory, it is important that gender bias is removed.

Bolivian women have a crucial role in business activity, which is valuable for both the present and the future of the female population. For this reason, today we find women leaders in the different sectors of the business ecosystem, since they are determined to provide competitive advantages to the management of institutions and organizations with their ability to create value.

According to an employment survey carried out by the National Institute of Statistics , it is stated that, of the total employed population in Bolivia in the first quarter of 2021, around one million 780 thousand are women, which is equivalent to 45.7 % of total employed.  

From this, we can recognize that women want to transform the world from any position or job. For this reason, below we show you inspiring stories of successful businesswomen from Bolivia. 

1. Carola Capra

List of successful businesswomen from Bolivia

To start with our list of successful businesswomen from Bolivia we will talk about Carola Capra, who is the director of the Nueva Economic Group . This woman stands out for her creative capacity to provide innovative solutions and transform the thinking of Bolivian women. In addition, Carola is committed to work and entrepreneurship in the country to contribute to its growth and development. 

The Nueva Economic Group contributes to the construction of the business ecosystem in Bolivia since its founding more than 30 years ago. Today, under the direction of Carola Capra, they have managed to position themselves among the best finance and business programs in Bolivia. 

Likewise, thanks to Carola’s professionalism and knowledge, this company has managed to establish itself as a real and lasting alternative for informal workers in Bolivia and Latin America. Therefore, it is an organization that strengthens entrepreneurial talent through integration with micro, small and large companies. 

2. Cecilia Jauregui

Innovaplast Company

Women entrepreneurs in Bolivia are characterized by their truthfulness and capacity for innovation. This is the case of Cecilia Jauregui, a businesswoman who from a very young age decided to face the challenges of the industry that at that time was led mostly by men. However, this woman, with her perseverance and perseverance, earned the trust of the sector. 

Cecilia Jauregui is one of the entrepreneurial women who is committed to innovation and caring for the environment to generate new options that reduce the environmental impact. Because of this, Cecilia is the founder of Innovaplast , a company that manufactures plastic bags with 100% recycled material. In addition, she also produces business raw materials such as pipes, packaging, recycled pellets, plastic coils and more. 

Innovaplast is a company that seeks to industrialize garbage and convert waste into optimal resources for production companies. As a result, the carbon footprint is reduced and the useful life of landfills is extended. Without a doubt, this has allowed Innovaplast to be awarded on several occasions as an outstanding company in innovation and sustainability, in awards such as the “VIVA Schmidheiny 2020”. 

3. Valentina Forno

Natura Company

Valentina Forno is one of the richest people in Bolivia and is also part of the selection we have made for you of the successful businesswomen in Bolivia. Forno stands out for being a businesswoman who creates innovative marketing strategies in the field of beauty, health, cosmetics and jewellery, and she is the national marketing manager of Natura .  

Natura is a brand that seeks to empower women with a selection of items that set trends in the fashion industry. Just as it implements strategic campaigns to demonstrate that women are multifaceted and constantly transforming. Valentina Forno ensures that cosmetics and accessories express the benefits and riches of women. 

Now, for Natura’s national marketing manager, being a businesswoman is a tool to generate solutions to society’s problems. In this way, Valentina states that the world belongs to men and women, which is why there must be equal conditions and rights to make decisions in the business ecosystem. Women have incredible abilities to achieve a balanced and happy society! 

4. Sinchy Diaz

Inspiring stories of successful women entrepreneurs from Bolivia

Continuing with our selection of notable women in Bolivia, we will mention Sinchy Diaz, a Bolivian businesswoman in the technology industry. Regarding this, Diaz is the founder and leader of the MC4 brand , which tries to “digitize with humanity.” It is an innovative collections platform that is easy to integrate for clients and has more than 40 active collaborators developing software solutions for the needs of companies and individuals. 

For Sinchy Diaz, one of his greatest challenges is to remain constantly learning and evolving. Therefore, within her skills, she practices knowing how to listen to easily detect society’s problems and address them through digitalization with the construction of software that facilitates tasks. As a result, MC4 develops its own and customized products for entities such as: ACH, IBT, Starpay, viCtoria or SIP! 

Without a doubt, she is one of the successful businesswomen in Bolivia with the most experience in the latest technologies and development methodologies. On the other hand, under the direction of Sinchy Díaz, MC4 has managed to develop more than 100 projects for the financial, oil and telecommunications sectors. The best thing is that within this evolution, women have been taken into account and belong to the construction and software engineering line! 

5. Ximena Behoteguy

Selection of successful businesswomen from Bolivia

Another of Bolivia’s successful businesswomen is Ximena Behoteguy, president of Banco FIE and activist of the Marca Magenta collective. This woman is actively involved in the financial sector. In fact, she is a specialist in business law and corporate governance, which makes her the first woman to hold a position as important as the management of the FIE bank in the Bolivian financial system. 

Ximena Behoteguy seeks to empower women and talk about their leadership in sectors such as finance through her management at the banking entity. Thanks to this, she is recognized as one of the most influential women in Latin America.  

For this reason, for Ximena, the freedom to make decisions as a woman ensures her own well-being and that of her family, which is why every day we must strive to increase the presence of female leaders in positions of such responsibility. In this way, the businesswoman states that the key to success is knowledge, regardless of the gender of the people. 

6. Alina Santander Vinokurova

10 successful businesswomen from Bolivia

Talent is reflected in this selection of successful businesswomen from Bolivia. For this reason, we will mention Alina Santander Vinokurova, the young woman who won first place in the NASA human exploration vehicle challenge. Without a doubt, thanks to this recognition, Alina decided to go for more and takes part in meetings that promote innovation and technology among young Bolivians and Latin Americans. 

Indeed, this young woman has a desire for the “stars”, which is why she has not stopped until she obtained a scholarship in the United States or Germany to become a professional and graduate in Aerospace Engineering. With this, Alina plans to be the link for young Bolivians with international agencies so that they also venture into this career. 

For her part, Alina Santander questions in several interviews that «The spaceship that you are going to build to explore the universe does not care if you are a man or a woman; Knowledge has no gender or age. It depends on you and how far you want to go. 

7. Daniela Alpire Jordan

Orders Now

Successful women entrepreneurs in Bolivia are part of different relevant organizations within the business ecosystem. This is the case of Daniela Alpire, a woman with more than 17 years of professional career that has allowed her to access positions in the financial, commercial and logistics sectors.  

Furthermore, she is a businesswoman who believes in empowerment and works based on it. In fact, Daniela was part of “Women In Tax”, a global platform for female empowerment in the tax field. Likewise, Alpire has specialized in areas such as operational finance and risk analysis. 

Today, Daniela is part of Pedidos Ya as Finance Manager. Therefore, she is a woman who recognizes her role within the Bolivian economy and promotes the involvement of women to generate employment in the community. In this way, she is directly involved with female leadership through the economic reactivation of the country. 

8. Wendy Rojas Gareca

Wendy Rojas Gareca

Wendy Rojas is one of the successful businesswomen in Bolivia for her dedication and medical knowledge. Now, this Health professional was recognized in 2018 by the Bolivian Society of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain due to her valuable scientific contribution to the XXV National Congress of Anesthesiology. 

Today, Wendy Rojas is a board member of the Bolivian Society of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain and is president of the Bolivian Pain Association in Bolivia and has a Master’s degree in the study and treatment of pain awarded by the University of Salamanca in Spain. 

It is a fact, women can be part of relevant organizations and work teams in different sectors, both commercial and medical. However, the key to strengthening these connections is to believe in the potential within you and take the risk to excel. 

9. Liliana Castellanos

Liliana Castellanos

One of Bolivia’s successful businesswomen is Liliana Castellanos, a leader in sustainable fashion. The Bolivian woman has the ability to stand out and shine because of her incredible ideas. For this reason, Liliana is an artistic designer and creative director of your brands “Liliana Castellanos” and “Línea L by Liliana Castellanos”. 

Regarding this, the brand has managed to do excellent gender work throughout its history in the retail sector. For this reason, it stands out for its employability for vulnerable women and we can find the brand registered with the principles for female empowerment. This commitment is led by the Global Compact and UN Women, to promote gender equality at work. 

Liliana is one of the leading women in Bolivia currently and also internationally thanks to the talent and professionalism she embodies in each of her garments. On the other hand, she is a reference for good practices in environmental care by promoting sustainable fashion as an essential concept in the industry globally. 

10. Natalia Montellano Durán

Natalia Montellano Durán

To finish with this list of successful women entrepreneurs in Bolivia, we will highlight the work of Natalia Montellano, who is director of Biotechnology at the Bolivian Catholic University in Santa Cruz. Natalia is from Santa Cruz and was recognized with the Early Career Fellowship award from OWSD – UNESCO in 2019 as part of her professional achievements in promoting research in developing countries. 

In this presentation he captured a project related to the characterization of tropical fruits: physicochemical, nutritional and biological properties. Without a doubt, this was the starting point for Natalia to become an eco leader and scientist who planned to improve the quality of life with the native tropical fruits of Bolivia. 

Natalia recognizes that Bolivian women play an important role in society and that it is often affected by the cultures within the country. However, they are responsible for developing new ideas and making decisions that represent significant changes in society. 

Final words

The word woman is related to adjectives of leadership, collaboration, commitment and determination. Therefore, the role of women in business activity goes beyond enforcing their rights. Thus, thanks to their personal and professional talents, they represent a competitive advantage for the sector in which they decide to operate. 

So, women have the ability to manage innovative companies and projects to positively transform their environment and society. So, female leadership is the alternative to breaking down the cultural barriers that designate who can occupy a position or professional position. 

We need more women in charge of big business changes! Therefore, we recommend that you take these success stories to inspire you and assert your ideas regardless of the position you occupy.


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