14 Innovative Business Ideas To Start

Nowadays, creativity when undertaking business has more and more value. For this reason, many entrepreneurs look for innovative business ideas that will revolutionize the market and open new opportunities for them. As an example of this we have the flourishing segment of start-ups such as Rappi, Orders Now or Uber, which have been building a need that previously seemed not to exist.

But, you don’t need a lot of capital or know a lot about technology to make your way and start a business. Therefore, today we present more than 10 entrepreneurship ideas that, through creativity and innovation, will allow you to sell more without the need for large investments or technological developments.

Let’s get started!

14 innovative business ideas to start in 2024

In this section we bring more than 10 innovative business ideas that you could start from home or with a modest budget:

1. Recycled decorations ♻️

Nowadays, people are increasingly aware of caring for the planet. Especially since in different parts of the world we experience the consequences of global warming and climate change.

Therefore, this is one of the most popular ideas for starting a small business. It consists of collecting recyclable or reusable materials and, with a little creativity and craft skills, creating an innovative product with added value.

Ornaments are very practical to produce and you can achieve the greatest increase in sales on holidays such as: Halloween, National Holidays, Christmas, birthdays and special events. In addition, you can rely on YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok tutorials to get more ideas or produce something original.

2. Themed cafes ☕🌸

Cafes are mostly spaces where people look for comfort. It is not necessary to invest much because you could start one from your home.

Thus, the most important thing is actually the interior design and the products properly personalized according to the theme of the place. Even on the menu, you must be creative in the names of each product you sell.

These are some examples of themed cafes: 

  • Harry Potter themed cafe
  • Alice in Wonderland themed cafe
  • The Simpsons themed cafe

3. Food sale 🍲

Selling food is one of the main activities to undertake in Peru, there is a great diversity of foods through which you can start a business such as fast, homemade, international, breakfast or healthy food. 

Especially, in Peru it is uncommon to find restaurants or distributors selling healthy food; However, demand continues to increase. This idea consists of selling mostly salads, fruits and vegetarian products that simulate the types of meats that we usually consume.

We recommend this innovative business idea because it is an opportunity to start a business and the investment cost is not so high. Also, you should consider organic or recyclable packaging for an eco-friendly audience.

The trend of healthy, vegetarian or diet food is becoming more considered every day. Nowadays even large fast food chains such as Burger King, KFC and others are adapting to this trend.

food boxes

4. Personalized gifts 🎁

This is one of the innovative business ideas that has become one of the most popular in recent years . It has no limits or comparisons because it is creativity that makes the difference.

Personalized gifts become innovative when the customer’s order is modified for the better or usually comes with a reference and this should exceed your expectations.

The investment cost is according to the reference order; However, one tip we give you is to have a catalog of your own designs so that your client can see a sample of the quality of your work.

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5. Handmade jewellery 💍

Costume jewellery is considered an art because a lot of creativity and design is required when embedding fantasy jewellery. And, in advance, this business is very profitable, since it has very low investment costs and customer satisfaction is very high.

However, one way to innovate with this type of entrepreneurship ideas is to personalize a garment or jewellery product with a completely personalized design. An example is inserting costume jewellery or costume jewellery into a jean jacket with the logo of the client’s favorite band.

In this way, having a high degree of customization and low production costs could place artisanal jewellery among the most interesting, profitable businesses. 

6. Decoration service 🎨🖌️

In the first idea we talked about recycled decorations with an ecological value. However, the production of themed decorations continues to be a very satisfactory market and a great business opportunity to undertake.

Special events like children’s birthdays always request themed decorations. For example: personalized piñatas, personalized cakes and other decorations depending on the theme. And that is precisely where the work of creativity and logistics comes in. Therefore, to develop this idea, you must have a wide network of suppliers that help you meet the client’s order according to their needs.

Therefore, to carry out this idea, the limit here is not money, but the coordination and creativity you have to make it profitable.

two women at an event

7. Pet Friendly Restaurant🐶

This is part of a themed restaurant or themed cafeteria, but here we are not only talking about interior design, but about something much more worked, planned and with greater logistical management.

This is a restaurant where you can bring your pets as guests to the table . As an entrepreneur you must consider specific areas for each type of pets that your client brings. This is a totally profitable business and is trending worldwide.

The best part? It is your customers who spread your brand, since they are the ones who create nice content on social networks and tag your brand.

8. Second-hand clothing and aesthetic fashion store 👗

Aesthetic fashion is one of the most curious modern trends, according to Chio Lecca Fashion School : “it is characterized by the aesthetic that mixes grunge, gothic and sports style with pop culture fashion from the 80s and 90s.” So you can have a wide variety of styles that are part of this style of clothing for your future buyers. 

Additionally, the main users of aesthetic fashion have a high degree of ecological awareness and value intelligent consumption that supports local commerce. 

For these reasons, choosing to start a second-hand clothing store is one of the most promising business ideas , since you can start with an incredibly low budget. In these, you can find second-hand clothes in good condition or completely new products, but with an old manufacturing date.

Currently, these types of stores already exist, they are very profitable and highly valued; so you could open your store in your own home or 100% online, using social networks as your main form of promotion. 

9. Sale and rental of accessories for content creators 📸

In recent years, the number of content creators on social networks like Tik Tok has been constantly increasing . This has led to an increase in demand for accessories to create better digital content such as webcams, camcorders, microphones, headphones, green screens, LED lights and more.

Additionally, the need for these devices among youth or audiences with little purchasing power allows for the generation of new business models such as renting these devices or generating subscription models in which they can have a series of equipment for a certain number of days a week. change of a recurring payment. 

person working on his computer

10. No code websites and digital sales 💻

No Code is one of the practices that has had the most value in recent years. It consists of creating different solutions, such as web pages, using little or no code, but rather tools that have a partial or completely graphical interface. 

For example, WordPress can be considered a Low Code solution, thanks to the use of tools that allow you to build a website through a visual interface, or Shopify, which allows you to build an online store without programming knowledge. 

Of course, it is quite profitable, according to Business Wire, a financial media outlet, the future is Low Code or No Code and has an expected growth rate of 44.4% by 2022, with a value of $27.23 billion dollars (up from $4.32 billion in 2017).

Due to the simplicity and speed of this practice, there are various SME companies that may require your services to create no-code virtual stores and implement add-ons that allow you to sell online such as payment gateways . 

11. Drop shipping 💮

Did you know that it is possible to sell items that you do not currently have in stock, but that you could bring?

One of the main business ideas to start that have been developed in recent years is precisely the sale of products that are not yet in stock. Companies like AliExpress or Amazon serve as great portals to promote this type of business, as they provide you with a range of verified suppliers, as well as the possibility of finding products with wholesale prices that are not yet in stock in the local market. .

12. Pet care 🐱🐇

Another popular innovative business idea that has a great future is pet sitting . Taking them for walks, caring for them while their owners go on vacation, feeding them, taking them to the veterinarian, among others, are the main tasks of an animal caretaker.

You can offer personalized packages or types of services offered within the care and even have an agreement with a local veterinarian or pet store to obtain a percentage of profit for recommending their products to your clients. 

Two goldenterrier dogs walking

13. Vegan and sustainable clothing 👠

Another of the most popular trends in sustainable fashion. In Peru, there are few brands that seek to meet this growing demand. So if you are looking for new entrepreneurship ideas, this should undoubtedly be among your alternatives.

The logic of this type of business is the same, only with materials of exclusively plant origin. So you can recreate some pieces such as jackets and shoes based on vegetable leather.

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14. Repair, maintenance and accessories of electric motorcycles and other vehicles

Since 2022, the purchase of electric personal mobility vehicles has increased. Mainly, motorcycles and scooters tend to be the favorites of users. 

Despite this, there are no specialized workshops or stores where you can perform maintenance, repair and purchase accessories for your electric motorcycle or electric scooter, so it is a great business opportunity to provide this service . 

You must consider that, since it is a scarce service and it involves transportation vehicles, it is possible to obtain recurring customers and word-of-mouth recommendations with other users. 

Now that we have given you some profitable business ideas, you probably liked some of these or thought of others. However, how do you identify if a business idea is viable to develop?

how to identify innovative business ideas

How to recognize innovative businesses?

To identify a profitable and innovative business idea, you should do a little market research and competitor analysis. Once you have a macro environment of the market, answer or delve deeper into the following questions:

  • Communication and interaction on social networks: Do people consult about these products or services? Or, on Social Media there is no interaction? It is important to know the market’s interest in the new business idea or venture that you have in mind.
  • An official website: What are the most used sales arguments? Are there visible business results? Your competitors’ websites will tell you what their visible results have been, what elements are most offered by them and if you are able to beat that offer.
  • Compare products and services among competitors: What elements are opportunities to stand out? Do you have a differential compared to your competition? Have you identified a pain point in their business model and can you offer a solution to it? Today’s start-ups base their business models on undiscovered or inadequately met needs. Use that as inspiration to give the idea you have in mind added value.
  • Seasonality: Does the product or service respond to a seasonal trend or is it a need that can be sustained in the long term?

Once these questions have been identified and you already know which of all these innovative business ideas is the one you will opt for, you should focus on how your product or service will reach your end user.

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Innovative business ideas: Recommendations before starting

Innovative products and tools to improve your sales are mainly the things that will make you a successful entrepreneur. And all this starts from the customer experience, which is why it is important to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Below we present some recommendations that innovatively complement your entrepreneurship ideas:

  • Eco-friendly packaging or presentation
  • Value-added products
  • POS that accept all cards and QR payment
  • Smartphone to manage customer service
  • Print the QR codes of all your digital payment channels
  • Interactive catalog printed in QR code

I hope these business ideas have been of great help to you and that you evaluate them correctly to start a prosperous business in 2024.


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