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3 (Easy) Strategies I Employ to Outsmart My Competition

Mark Twain: “The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started”

Image by Benjamin Davies via Unsplash

In a world full of constant distractions, it’s easy to lose focus on what truly matters and feel unfulfilled. But worry not, for in this narrative, we’ll unveil a revolutionary strategy to rise above 99% of people. By embracing the concept of “anti-vision,” concentrating on what you want to avoid, and seizing control of your destiny, you can unlock your genuine potential and attain remarkable success.

Get ready to unleash the limitless potential within you. Your dreams are within grasp, and with the right mindset and actions, you’ll propel yourself toward the success you rightly deserve. Let’s delve into this transformative approach and transcend the ordinary, embracing the extraordinary that lies ahead. The journey begins now.

1-The Magic of Negative Energy for a Thrilling Future

Image by Christina Morillo via Pexels

Alright, pay attention! We’re all familiar with envisioning our future, but here’s the twist: you’ve got to formulate an “anti-vision” too! Yes, I’m talking about that negative scenario that ignites your determination and gets your blood pumping. Negative energy is a potent force, my friends, and it can be a dynamic tool to reach your aspirations. Picture this: you’re on the treadmill, warming up at the gym, and suddenly, you visualize a life without all that hard work. A wave of frustration sweeps over you, but guess what? That’s alright! Negative emotions aren’t the enemy; they serve a purpose. Embrace them, don’t stifle them!

So, grab a notebook, play the role of the eccentric scientist of your destiny, and start sketching out your entire future. But hold on, here’s the twist: kick off with that anti-vision. List down every single thing you detest and absolutely don’t want in life. Feel that discomfort welling up inside you? Fantastic! It means you’re on the right path. Now, turn the tables. Your vision should be the opposite of those undesirable things. Make it meaningful, purposeful, and laser-focused on one significant goal.

But we’re not finished yet! In that same notebook, get down to business. Be the mad scientist shaping the project of your life. Devise a formidable plan, a strategy for each day, week after week. Be specific, be detailed, and bring order to the chaos of life. Remember, without your plan, entropy will take over, and your dreams will slip away.

2-Disappear and Focus On Your Vision

image by Stefan Cosma via Unsplash

When I say “disappear,” I’m not suggesting you’ll literally vanish for six or ten months like a magician’s trick. Oh no, my friend, it’s all about the magic of metaphor and exaggeration to emphasize the essence of the message! So, let’s clarify things. “Disappear” means severing ties with the elements that don’t belong in your life. Bid farewell to those draining aspects, whether they be people, games, apps, or pesky bad habits. It’s time to keenly recognize what’s holding you back.

Now, here’s the enjoyable part — breaking that addiction to feeling awful. You know that sinking feeling we sometimes experience? Well, that’s where the real magic lies. I’m referring to mental energy here, not the physical stuff like nutrition. Instead of squandering that precious mental energy on people and things that couldn’t care less about you, redirect it toward your exhilarating vision for the future.

But hey, here’s the secret sauce: you’ve got a system in place to fend off entropy and keep life vibrant. It’s like your superpower, transforming you from anti-vision to full-blown Vision! And to keep that system running smoothly, you need energy — especially that powerhouse of mental energy — to turn your dreams into reality.

3-Level Up with Boring Fundamentals

Image by Jukan Tateisi via Unsplash

Alright, everyone, let’s unravel the mystery behind those “boring fundamentals” because they’re the secret ingredient to success! These seemingly repetitive actions are what propel most successful individuals toward their goals. It’s akin to playing a game where you log in daily, repeating tasks to level up over time. Just like slaying monsters and conquering dungeons, you need to apply this concept to the real world. Engage those mechanisms that drive you forward, and those mechanisms are nothing but fundamentals and principles, not just mere tactics.

Now, wait a moment! I understand it might seem mundane when you observe someone else doing it day in and day out. For example, envision a person writing for 30 minutes every morning — seems unexciting, doesn’t it? But hey, it’s all about mastering the mundane to conquer the magnificent! It’s like those skilled sushi chefs spending years perfecting the art of rice preparation. It’s a step-by-step process, similar to a tennis player learning how to hold the racket and then adjusting the angles for perfect hits. Practice, practice, practice — until it becomes second nature, liberating your mental energy for what comes next.

Certainly, some may anticipate instant results, hoping to achieve a ten-year goal in two weeks — wishful thinking! The real magic lies in embracing those seemingly mundane fundamentals, as they set the foundation for your future greatness.

The Age-Old Question: When Will I See Results?

Image by Aron Visuals via Unsplash

Ah, the pressing question that arises when venturing into something new: “When will I start seeing results?” Let me drop a truth bomb — you need to cease asking that question! Why? Because the answer might not align with your expectations, potentially derailing your progress. Constructing something meaningful demands time — a significant amount of time, my friend. It’s a journey of a lifetime, akin to a mad scientist refining their creation through trial and error.

Embrace the essence of science, which revolves around trial and error. Crafting the masterpiece that is your life entails a journey filled with highs and lows. It’s not a quick fix, but hey, get comfortable with that notion. The process we’ve delved into — identifying what you don’t want, devising a solid strategy, and steering yourself in the opposite direction — this is your origin story, your superhero transformation!

Pay close attention; every successful individual’s origin story resonates with the same message. They prioritize long-term success and hone their skills over time. It’s like laying the foundation for a magnificent structure that will propel you into the life you’ve always envisioned.



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