7 Apps To Implement In Your Business: Efficiency and Safety

Apps To Implement In Your Business, especially those that identify the new generations of entrepreneurship and progress—such as the new casino in Chile —necessarily require immersing themselves in the digital wave, not only in order to be at the forefront, but to encourage the adoption efficient decision-making and, thus, improve the way the business is managed; Some of them seek to strengthen interaction with users and access to services, just as mobile casino applications do , others want to strengthen administration processes, enhance their growth or promote the products and services offered. Be that as it may, applications are, today, an essential tool; Therefore, in this article we will present you the best apps to implement in your business.

Boost your projects with the best apps to implement in your business

apps to implement in your business

Every day new platforms are developed that provide the necessary tools to simplify processes, strengthen the work of collaborators, make themselves known or promote better relationships with clients. Among the most popular apps to implement in your business are:

1. Evernote Teams

We start our list with the famous Evernote, now for managing work teams. This advanced option allows unlimited collaboration through sharing notes, documents and notebooks. In addition, it allows you to collect essential information from meetings and create lists of frequently asked questions. The application offers an advanced security system that prevents outsiders from accessing the data.

This application is available for both iOS and Android operating systems   .

2. Buffer or Hootsuite

Just as team management is important, so is social media management. With one of these two applications you can schedule and publish content on different platforms , such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. In addition, it will make it easier to monitor the performance of the publications, as well as the interaction with your followers. The best thing is that it is an application that allows you to manage all your accounts from one place.

3. Freshbooks

This is a cloud accounting application that makes billing and collection activities easier for small businesses. Through it, businesses will be able to create personalized receipts and organize them for effective collection management . In addition, it facilitates constant monitoring of loss and return margins, in order to provide greater organization to finances.

4. Asana

Now, project monitoring is another of the essential factors for a business to be run properly. If you want to achieve this, there will be no better ally than Asana. This app is designed to correctly assign tasks, view the status of each of them , as well as the progress of those responsible. With it you will have access to all the details in real time.

5. Google Analytics

The website is one of the great entry doors to any type of business. However, for it to work properly, its strengths, weaknesses and other points of improvement must be identified so that it effectively meets its objective. Google Analytics is a powerful web analysis tool that allows you to track and measure the performance of your site, obtaining valuable information related to traffic, origin sources and user behavior.

6. Square

And the payment management? You achieve it with Square! This member of the apps to implement in your business offers the mobile payment service , through a small terminal that includes credit card payments and that can connect with both mobile devices and laptops. This app does not charge such high commissions, so it will be a great ally in terms of savings.

7. Proven

We finalize our selection of apps to implement in your business with Proven. This app is perfect for carrying out recruitment processes , allowing the business to set up open vacancies and manage the responses obtained in the shortest time possible. The application offers quite low costs and is completely free to download.

Without a doubt, applications are key tools for businesses to respond to the new demands of users in a safe, accurate way and always in the interest of satisfying them and building loyalty.

We don’t want to leave without asking you: which of these apps caught your attention the most? Do you know of any others that should be part of this list? We read you!


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