What things to take into account when opening a business?

Starting a small business is not an easy decision. But despite the countless sacrifices and challenges they face, an overwhelming 84% of small business owners would do it again. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and starting your own business, there are a few key steps you should take first.

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Below we list some of the aspects to consider before making the decision to open a business.

Develop a powerful message

What problem does making potential customers willing to pay solve? This is often called a value proposition. Also, why will the company be successful operationally and financially?

There are many examples of companies that do not have the best product/service or are not the first to market and yet are very successful because they have mastered marketing and sales in their early days. Research the demographics of your potential customer base and understand purchasing habits. Look at the competition, talk to similar companies, browse your competitors’ websites and understand what customers are saying about them on social media.

Start small and grow

If possible, it is best to self-finance the business idea and seek financing when you can create a growth story. This might force you to break down your product/service offering into smaller pieces so you can fund the early phases and get some traction and experience.

It is not advisable to put all your eggs in one basket since a very risky investment is not ideal. Furthermore, the pressure on the business could be too high if things started to go wrong.

Understand strengths, skills and available time

Responsible entrepreneurship

When running a business, you need to know when to hire an accountant, lawyer, insurance agent, marketing specialist , web designer, or other professional. This will begin the management process as a business owner.

There are multiple agencies that will offer quality services to save costs. In addition, you can learn from what they do, being able to do it internally over time if you learn the necessary skills.

Learn from others

Launching and growing a business is difficult. In fact, one in five companies fails the first year, so it is very important to learn from mistakes and apply solutions. And while the reasons businesses fail vary, from flawed business plans (or lack of one at all) to misreading the market, what it all boils down to is someone trying to do it all themselves.

But no one person can have all the knowledge, experience, or even perspective to manage all business situations. That’s why it’s important to join and attend local events and small business organizations of all kinds. Including local nonprofits and online resources like podcasts and chat groups.

Create a business plan

Starting a company is difficult and risky; It’s easy to dedicate all your time and resources to it. Before you start, find out what type of business you are going to have. Will it be a sole proprietorship, a general partnership, a public limited company? Next, prepare the business plan .

Having a written plan with expected results and personal goals is the best way to stay on track. For example, the business may generate profits of €20,000, but this may not be enough to cover the costs for the entire year.

Don’t try to do everything at once either. Focusing on the key components of a business plan will put your ideas into concrete terms and help you identify places to change the business model when necessary.

Know your numbers

Person observes amounts of a tender

Know well the figures that indicate how your business is doing and what you can expect from it. This includes startup costs, sales, expected profits, cash flow and much more, depending on the nature of the business and how you define success.

You will have to make many decisions on the fly and knowing the numbers – the economics of the company – will help you make the right decisions. Look for ways to reduce costs whenever you can. Use cost-effective tools like email marketing and social media to spread the word about your business instead of more expensive traditional advertising methods.

Be passionate about what you do

Being a business founder can be very lonely and there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. From the greatest successes to the greatest disappointments, if you are not fueled by passion every step of the way, your job becomes much more difficult. Remember why you started your business and let your passion continually drive you.

Patience, perseverance and the right mindset

Building a successful business takes time, you can’t expect to succeed overnight. Developing the right mindset is one of your greatest assets. To do this, you have to stay calm in the most complicated moments, especially if you take into account that many businesses need time to grow.

Even so, maintaining a business for more than 5 years can already be considered a success by having more and more experience within a specific industry. This will even allow you, in the event that the business does not work in the future, to contribute your experience to large companies that are competitors and work directly with them.


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