Advantages Of Using Recycled Plastic Displays In Your Business

Using Recycled Plastic: In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and environmental responsibility, choosing environmentally friendly materials and business practices has become essential to the success of any business. One of the key aspects of this transition towards sustainability is the use of displays made from recycled plastic . Such displays are not only an environmentally friendly option, but they also offer a number of commercial advantages that can benefit your business.

But what are the advantages of using recycled plastic displays in your establishment? We will see this throughout this article. Keep in mind that these advantages will not only boost the growth of your business, but will also contribute to the well-being of the planet.

What are recycled plastic displays?

recycled plastic displays

Recycled plastic displays are structures or stands designed to display products or merchandise in retail stores, trade shows, or other commercial environments. The distinctive feature of these displays is that they are made using recycled plastic instead of virgin plastic. Recycled plastic is obtained from the reuse of previously discarded plastics or end-of-life plastic products, rather than using new plastic made from raw materials.

These displays can feature a wide variety of designs and sizes to accommodate different types of products and business needs.

Where to buy wholesale and custom anti-tear recycled plastic displays or stoppers?

To purchase wholesale and personalized tear-resistant recycled plastic displays or stoppers, you have several options:

  • Custom display suppliers. Specializing in custom and durable designs.
  • Manufacturers of recycled plastic products. Directly, from companies that are dedicated to the production of recycled products: Triple Q , a Spanish factory of cases and folders made of plastic.
  • Distributors and wholesalers. Search online or in business directories to find custom and wholesale options.
  • Industrial design companies. They offer custom design and manufacturing services.
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions. Explore products and meet suppliers at these events.
  • B2B commerce online platforms . Use trusted sites to access a wide variety of suppliers around the world.
  • Business networks and industry associations . Get referrals and recommendations from other business owners in your area.

Note: Before you decide, do your research thoroughly, order samples and compare prices, making sure the displays meet your requirements. Likewise, it is important to check the reliability of your online shipments.

Advantages of recycled plastic displays

advantages of recycled plastic displays

Now, what are the advantages of recycled plastic displays? Let’s see it below:

1. Durability and resistance

Recycled plastic displays are highly resistant to wear and adverse conditions. They won’t tear or get wet, making them suitable for environments with high traffic or exposure to moisture.

In addition, they do not stain easily, ensuring that they maintain a good presentation at the point of sale for a long period. Therefore, it translates into a higher return on investment as they can be refilled with products countless times without degrading.

2. Reuse for future promotions

The durability of recycled plastic displays allows them to be reused in future promotions or marketing campaigns. The above  means that they are not only sustainable in terms of material , but also in terms of economic resources, since they do not need to be replaced frequently.

3. Safer anchors

These displays usually have anchors designed to hold products safely. Recycled plastic is resistant and does not deform easily , ensuring that products stay in place and do not fall, avoiding possible damage or loss.

4. Sustainability

A key aspect of recycled plastic displays is their sustainability. They are made from recycled material and are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life. This contributes to a greener life cycle and reduces the demand for virgin plastic , which is essential to address the problem of plastic pollution and natural resource depletion.

5. Sustainable brand image

Showing a commitment to sustainability is a strategy that can have a significant impact on a company’s brand image. Here are some reasons why a sustainable brand image is beneficial:

  • Attracts consumers concerned about the environment.
  • Differentiates the brand in competitive markets.
  • Build trust by demonstrating ethical responsibility.
  • Comply with regulations and avoid sanctions.
  • Reduces risks related to sustainability.
  • Promotes the loyalty of loyal customers.
  • Attract talent with similar values.
  • Drive innovation and efficiency in operations.

To consider…

In comparison, metal displays, although also durable, have some disadvantages. They are heavier, which can make them difficult to transport and handle. Additionally, they may pose a safety risk in the commercial environment due to potential manufacturing or maintenance defects that could cause cuts or scratches.

That’s not all, metal displays are usually more expensive to manufacture and purchase compared to recycled plastic ones. So now you know all the advantages of using recycled plastic displays! Don’t hesitate and optimize your business in this material.


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