How to save on your business’s electricity bill?

business’s electricity bill, One of the keys to optimizing the economic performance of your business is to ensure that the company’s electricity bill is not in any way an obstacle to growth. In this sense, it is essential to be clear that energy expenditure represents significant costs for the business, so it is necessary to implement tips and strategies that help save on the bill , doing a favor to your company and, of course, the environment.

Achieve energy efficiency by learning how to save on your business’s electricity bill?

It is no secret to anyone that company electricity rates can be one of the causes of expenses getting out of control and it is no wonder! Companies, whether large or small, manage a considerable number of personnel, require the use of high-consumption devices and have larger facilities that, in turn, require higher levels of energy. This makes it imperative for businesses to keep expenses under control and there is no better way to do so than through some savings measures , such as the following:

1. Identify those factors that generate higher electricity costs

how to save on your business electricity bill

The fundamental step to take the path towards saving on your electricity bill is to identify those factors, elements or situations that produce greater energy consumption. To achieve this, it is advisable to hire a professional audit; If you do not consider it necessary, you can do the process yourself.

With this step you will not only know which elements use the most light, but also when there is the greatest activity of the collaborators and if the company’s working hours influence energy consumption.

2. Take advantage of the location and natural light

Now, the location of your business is another key factor in the savings process. If you have a premises or office with large windows, it is very likely that during certain times of the day and certain seasons you will not need to turn on the lights, which in the short term will be reflected in the costs. To achieve this goal, you can implement responsible lighting policies ; This way your workers will become aware and help you achieve success.

3. Implement motion sensors

Generally, in offices the movement of staff is intermittent; Many times, people leave lights on in the places they have just left, but with motion sensors this should no longer be a problem: when the room or space is unoccupied, the sensors take care of turning off the lights. automatically and turning them on only when completely necessary.

4. Hire the lowest possible power

Faced with this, it is important that you keep in mind that the greater the power or number of kilowatts you have contracted, the higher the fixed amount to pay monthly, despite the fact that it also allows you to connect more devices at the same time. The essential thing here is that you know the terms and conditions of the usual electrical powers, so that you really know which one best suits your needs.

For example, the 2.0 rate is for small businesses that require power of up to 15 kW; Rate 3.0 is for high consumption companies with power greater than 15 kW and rate 6.1 is for companies that require high voltage power.

5. Implement LED bulbs

how to save on your business electricity bill

Just as motion sensors are great allies to answer how to save on the electricity bill in your business, so are LED bulbs. These types of bulbs consume up to 80% less than traditional bulbs , in addition to having a much greater durability.

6. Adequately air-condition work spaces

On the other hand, adequate air conditioning of work spaces can mean significant savings when it comes to the electricity bill, for example: it is advisable to implement zoned air conditioning , instead of centralized one; In addition, air conditioning devices with low consumption should be chosen, such as those that have energy label A, and, finally, you could try maintaining a fixed temperature for both winter and summer.

7. Deploy cloud servers

If your office is highly digitalized and handles considerable amounts of information, do not waste energy with physical computers and servers! The best thing you can do is store all the data on an external server in the cloud , so the electrical consumption of said storage will not go into your pocket.

And you, have you already implemented some of these tips on how to save on your business’s electricity bill? Which of them do you think is the most effective? We read you!


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